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Lunch with Author Lynnette Bonner

I first became acquainted with Lynnette Bonner in 2009 when I read her first book, “Rocky Mountain Oasis“.  I loved the book and knew I would be looking for more books from this author.  Thankfully, Lynnette is a prolific author with a total of eighteen books published to date.


Equally fascinating as her book, was her author blurb on the back that informed me she lived in the Pacific Northwest (local!), was born in Malawi, Africa to missionary parents, and attended boarding school growing up.  I never imagined that I would one day meet Lynnette, let alone get to take her to lunch and learn about her writing journey.

Lynnette has been writing since her school days. After marrying her college sweetheart and moving to Idaho, she got the idea for Rocky Mountain Oasis while researching the history of the small town where they lived.  She wove her story from historical facts and her fictional characters to produce a compelling story that is true to the time period.  Her book was originally traditionally published by OakTara Publishing.

Lynnette has since become an indie author and her most recent publication is a serialized historical Christian romance set in East Africa.  “On the Wings of a Whisper” is the first installment in the Sonnets of the Spice Isle series. It is FREE on Amazon for Kindle, so click on the link and get your free copy today.  Much research into the time period makes this book a fascinating, historically accurate read.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the first installment, and look forward to reading the entire series.


When asked about how she finds time to write, this busy mom of four and pastor’s wife, told me that she schedules time each day day to write. She uses an app called Freedom to block the internet, email, Facebook, etc. while she writes.  Otherwise, as we all know, it is too easy to think we will just check Facebook for a few minutes, and then look up and realize several hours have gone by and nothing has been accomplished.

Lynnette also shared with me a tidbit from James Scott Bell about writing 500 words first thing every morning, sort of like “priming the pump”.   James Scott Bell calls it “the furious 500“.  Too many times I think I need to pound out 2,000 words a day and some days it is too overwhelming to even start.  Small is better.  I am definitely going to apply the furious 500 to my writing.

Lynnette also recommends books on the writing craft by Randy Ingermanson, and a new video series called “The Creative Way” by author Ted Dekker.

Lynnette is not only an accomplished author, she is a great mentor and friend.  Looking for a good book?  You can’t go wrong with a Lynnette Bonner book.