When Plans Change Unexpectedly

Every year for at least the last ten years, my mom and sisters and I have taken a weekend trip to the ocean.  This “girls only” get-away is something we look forward to all year-long.  It involves lots of card games,


wonderful meals prepared by some awesome cooks,


a kite flying contest on the beach,



and lots of visiting and laughter.  The whole trip centers around this lady, our amazing mom, Jean.


Mom is the heart of our family and she loves to have fun and play games.

Unfortunately, she has been battling shingles since Mother’s Day, and the pain is excruciating. When we suggested cancelling our trip and doing something closer to home, mom insisted that she would be well enough to go.  She confessed to several of us that she was afraid it would be her last time at the ocean.

Last Friday was the much-anticipated date of our trip.  As I headed to her home, I received a call advising that mom had asked my sister to call 911.  A few minutes later I got another call that they were taking her to her doctor’s office instead of the hospital and I met them there.  Mom was sent home with yet more medication.  The ocean trip was out of the question.

Plans were quickly changed and we all gathered at mom’s house.  We did spend the weekend together, but it wasn’t at all what we expected it to be.   Instead of card games, we took turns lovingly caring for mom.   We reassured her that there was no place we would rather be than right there with her. While she napped, we visited and talked about how we would rearrange our schedules to care for her long-term.

It is never easy to have your plans change at the last moment.  Only trusting that God is in control brings peace to a fearful and chaotic situation.   We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know our mother rests in the hands of our loving Heavenly Father, and there is no better place to be.

Treasure in the Dust

My hubby and I spent some time working around the house yesterday.  We each had a few things we wanted to accomplish.  I worked on my container garden and he worked on cleaning up his man cave (aka the garage).  Dan plowed through lots of boxes and disposed of old papers and junk.  Then, he came across this dusty treasure.


We hadn’t seen it in years.  An old 45 recording of Ed Ames singing, “My Cup Runneth Over”.  Now, this was an old song back when I first heard it in 1978, so many of you have probably never heard it before.  You can listen to it here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvaQisHV8jw.

As a young bride, I woke almost every morning to the sound of this song being played on the stereo by my husband.  We lived in a tiny apartment thousands of miles from family and home.  I was insecure and lonely.  Dan didn’t know it at the time, but this song was ministering to my heart.

One of the benefits of remaining committed to your spouse for a lifetime, is the joy of shared memories…a shared history.   I think the message of love in this song has been a constant thread through our lives.  Oh, it hasn’t all been wonderful.  Blending the lives of two flawed human beings in difficult. We have had our tough times, financial difficulties, sickness, and moments when we felt like we didn’t even like one another very much.  But, looking back we can see that through all those times God has been working in our lives and knitting our hearts together for eternity.

No matter how long you have been married, you can commit to having a lifetime marriage.  Choose to love and honor God, and then do all in your power to show God’s love and grace to your spouse.  Allow God to work in and through you as you minister to your spouse.  You will never regret it.  Soon, you will say with the psalmist, “My cup runneth over”.

How about you?  Do you have a special song that speaks to your heart?